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I get it when planning your wedding you have 1000 things to consider. Sometimes there are a few things that slip through the cracks. I promise you some of these things you probably have never even thought over. Here is a wedding photographer's list of 7 things that most brides forget on their wedding day.

#1. Bring a spare invitation suite

The first thing your wedding photographer will photograph when they arrive at your wedding will be the beautiful details, like your wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, rings, etc. Don't forget to bring a spare invitation suite so that your photographer can get beautiful images of it for you.

#2. Bouquets must to delivered to your bridal suite (as well as extra florals) for the detail shots.

I love using the bouquets and extra florals to incorporate the wedding colors into the detail shots. The color pallet sets the look for the whole wedding. Remember to deliver these to your room before your photographer arrives.

#3. All of the rings!

Your photographer will need all of your wedding bands for the close-up detail images. So remember to keep all of the rings with you. Don't give them to the best man! ProTip; have your wedding bands cleaned before the wedding so that they will be extra sparkly for the close-up shots!

#4. Snack & stay hydrated!

Ladies, I know when you're excited and a little nervous, the last thing you want to do is eat. It is so important to keep your energy levels up throughout a long wedding day, so remember to have some snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic & alcoholic) on hand at all times! Another ProTip is to remember to order meals for vendors.

#5. Makeup & Hair touch-up kit!

After the tears of the beautiful reception and the wind through your hair, while taking those gorgeous bridal portraits, you will probably need a quick touch-up. Here are some items to include in your touch-up kit; lipstick, foundation, powder, tissues, wipes, perfume, deodorant, hairspray, bobby pins, ibuprofen, etc.

#6. Heel stoppers for photos in nature & comfy shoes!

Don't you love a beautiful pair of bridal shoes but hate it when you sink into the grass? Remember to pack your heel stoppers so that you can pose confidently on any surface nature throws at you. ProTip, if you are walking a bit further to a photo location, pack a comfy pair of shoes to change into for the walk, and then change back into your gorgeous bridal slippers for the photo session. You can also pack comfortable bridal shoes for the reception and change into them after the first dance. No one will even notice, and you will be more relaxed!

#7. Take it all in!

You have dreamt of this day your whole life! Remember to stop and smell the roses! So many brides have said that the day just flew by without them taking it all in. That is why it is crucial to take a moment with your husband and experience the celebration in its fullness.

I hope that these tips will help to not make these same mistakes on your wedding day.

Thanks for reading!


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