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The attraction between these two is evident in every image

This stunning couple celebrated their special day with family and friends at the acclaimed wedding venue, Running waters, in the beautiful coastal city, Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

Melanie looked elegant in her designer gown with an elegant vintage lace train. Jan looked just as handsome with his black tux and classic bowtie. Every detail was meticulously planned and styled. From the black and white decor to the handmade crystal bouquets.

Melanie has such a vibrant personality, she is the life of the party and o man, their reception was a crazy party! I just loved photographing their special day.

" My favorite part of the Astrid Cordier Bridal Experience was how comfortable she made us feel.

My husband is not a photo-type of a guy, and even he felt at ease when Astrid stepped behind the camera.

Not only is the end result from something out of a fairytale,

but the jokes and giggles between shots come as a welcome distraction from the wedding nerves.

You don't feel posed, it feels natural and you feel like you can show your own personality and your relationship. No forced smiles or kisses. I could not recommend Astrid enough! "

Melanie & Jan


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